The Lord is My Shepherd

I wrote this song about 5 years ago, but every time I sing it it always stirring my heart within with the passion to know God more and more and more. I just love the way this song tells its story about God's attributes. A shepherd, and a father. That's the reason why I decided [...]

Father Heart of God

Hey there, today I would like to share regarding my experience about the heart of the Father, God. Probably most of you didn't know my background. I'll tell you in a short way. I am the eldest from 12 siblings from 5 different mother (My dad got divorce 4 times). My younger brother is 2,5 [...]

Sing A New Song To The Lord!

The Bible says "Sing to the lord a new song.." at Psalms 96:1. This morning I was reading a long Psalms 119 in the Message bible version. It was....beautiful. Considering the 150+ verses, but I did not feel reading a lot of verses. It marinates me, my spirit. As I was reading, I felt like [...]

Book Review – Worship Leader We Are Not Rockstars by Stephen Miller

Hello para Worship Leaders (WL) dimanapun kalian berada. Ini adalah posting pertama ku yang berkaitan secara langsung dengan tema worship, sebenarnya ada banyak sekali hal yang ingin disampaikan mengenai topik ini, namun karena kesibukan yang cukup menantang serta memang dibutuhkan konsentrasi lebih untuk menulis tentang worship karena aku memang ingin tidak hanya sekedar menulis, tapi benar - [...]

New Every Morning

"His faithfulness is new every morning" Is that possible? Does it make any sense? How come that someone could ever have a fresh new faithfulness, every morning, after being treated unloved by the same person. What kind love is that? What love could love like that? Sometimes, asking a good question can changes your perspective [...]